Flint’s M.A.D.E. Institute founder finds lessons in Nipsey Hussle tragedy.

For a local man who now creates opportunities for people who have been incarcerated, west coast rapper Nipsey Hussle’s death hits home.

“Never let what happened to him discourage you from doing this work. Even more so, you should want to do it even more,” said Leon EL-Alamin, founder and executive director of M.A.D.E. Institute.

EL-Alamin is providing a way out and a way up for those who were formerly incarcerated. He says there are lessons to be learned from the murder of 33-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle.

“If you really listen to the words…what he’s saying…he’s showing you and he’s speaking to you about transformation, how you take innovation over ignorance, and that’s what M.A.D.E. Institute stands for. It’s about evolving,” EL-Alamin said.

Gang-affiliated Hussle drove massive crowds to his storefront in the wake of his shooting death this week. It’s about more than music in an area where he invested, creating businesses and giving back. His community, his fans are heartbroken.

“He came right back to where he grew up in to reinvest into that community that was dis-invested. That’s the north side,” EL-Alamin said.

On the north side where he grew up, with the help of community partners and grants from the Ruth Mott Foundation, EL-Alamin has dedicated himself to rebuild the community he terrorized – as he says in his own words.

He’s been able to rehab a house on East Parkway for men, and he is now working on the one next door for women. It’s transitional housing for the formerly incarcerated. But M.A.D.E. Institute also helps at-risk youth, conducts job training and violence prevention programs.

“Regardless of your religion your background, your color, your race, any of these things. It’s time for us all to step up and have a stop the violence movement,” he said. “And then also for us to come together and reinvest back into these communities that’s been devastated.”

To learn more visit M.A.D.E. Institute online.


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