Leon EL-Alamin

Our Founder

Achievements and Education

Leon EL-Alamin is the Founder & Executive Director of M.A.D.E. Institute, a nonprofit organization he started in January 2015. That year he also became the City of Flint 1st Ward Zoning Board of Appeals Officer.


He is a graduate of Flint Strive and Mott Workforce Green Construction. Leon currently works as a Genesee Health System Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid Recovery Coach.

This program was created to serve as an alternative to incarceration for jail or prison-bound and returning individuals. Leon also is the president of an LLC called Abdullah Building Performance Bloc, a property management company he started to help create jobs for returning citizens and at-risk youth who have been systematically structured out of society.

`` If you want to make a change in marginalized, violent communities. A pipeline of opportunities has to be provided for at risk youth and those with criminal histories.”

Quote by the Founder


• Carroll Clark Civic Service Award

• A graduate of Flint Strive and Mott Workforce Green Construction

• A Member of the Genesee Chamber of Commerce

• Published Author

• Neighborhood Leadership Award

• Recovery Coach Certificated

• 2019 Corporation Award

• 1st Ward Zoning Board of Appeals Officer for the City of Flint

• Health System Adult Certificated

• Youth Mental Health First Aid Recovery Coach

• Made Institute

• Mental Health First Aid Certificate

• Flint Branch NAACP – Vera B. Rison “Unsung Hero Award”

He also served on the master plan committee of Imagine Flint and received the Neighborhood leader Award by the Black Relationship to land committee in 2014 for my community leadership.


In 2014  he received the Team Spark Award by the Chamber of Commerce for entrepreneurship. Recognized by the Neighborhood Small Grants Program Community Foundation of Greater Flint for  Creating Positive Change in the community.


Leon EL-Alamin has a new book entitled “Pain Is Poetry,” which can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major outlets.