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MADE Green Collar Economy is a blueprint to upgrade Industrial Blue Collar employment to better respect the environment. The Jobs Of Tomorrow-Today! The MADE Institute Green Collar Economy vision is to look at the urban community and see a new reality that will use the resources of an undeserved community and underutilized land and blighted buildings to create thriving communities.

So who will do the hard work of actually building the green economy? The answer: millions of ordinary people, many of whom do not have good jobs right now even with having college degrees. According to the National Renewable Energy Lab, the major barriers to a more rapid adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency are not financial or legal but the lack of trained, green-collar workers to do all the jobs.


MADE Green Collar Economy…Creating Job’s …Restoring Dignity and Protecting the Earth.

That is good news for people returning home from prison, looking for a second chance. That is good news for people in urban and rural communities who are suffering from chronic lack of work. That is good news for our veterans coming home from decades of fighting in wars. The MADE Green Collar Economy would create opportunities for work and wealth creation in today’s recovering economy.

Examples of green collar jobs, electricians who install solar panels; plumbers who install solar water heaters; farmers engaged in organic agriculture and some bio-fuel production; and construction workers who build energy-efficient green buildings, wind power farms, solar farms. Other examples of using today’s technology in the green economy is a calking gun. Hundreds of thousands of green-collar jobs be weatherized and energy-retrofitting every building in the United States.

Building with leaky windows, ill-fitting doors, poor insulation, outdated furnaces, and old appliances can gobble up 30 percent more on their heating bills. The point is this. The conditions of joblessness and poverty is what creates the out of control crime problem urban communities face today. By adopting the Green Collar Economy we could rebuild communities that thrive.

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