SELF-MADE Ventures

Through SELF-MADE Ventures MADE Institute seeks to create social enterprises that will provide both a vital job training ground for at-risk-youth and individuals with criminal histories while also creating revenue stream to support the mission of The MADE Institute.

The Need for SELF-M.A.D.E. Ventures:

In July 2018 Prison Policy Initiative did a study titled: Out of Prison & Out of Work: Unemployment among formerly incarcerated people. Using a nationally representative dataset, they discovered that out of the 5 million formerly incarcerated people living in the United States they are unemployed at a rate of over 27% higher than the total U. S. unemployment rate during a historical period. including the Great Depression. After release, formerly incarcerated individuals are labeled ” Ex-cons ” for the rest of their lives. This label dramatically reduces their prospects for legitimate work that pays a livable wage.

Many citizens returning home from prison are living in concentrated lower-income neighborhoods within Urban Cities. The services that are available are insufficient to meet the needs of this population such as employment and housing. Urban city development is critical to the growth of any city which also contributes to the state and national economy. SELF- M.A.D.E. Ventures was created to help meet the needs of this underserved population.

We are in the midst of creating a permanent home for the program with the purchase of a commercial property in North Flint. The site will be the permanent home for our Self-MADE Ventures entrepreneurial social enterprise project and our administrative offices. See the plans for the site below.

Renderings of our commercial building.

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