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Social Justice Program- Focuses on restorative justice, this program facilitates the healing and reintegration process for individuals leaving prison, jail, and those impacted by violence. Through civic engagement, mentorship, and community engagement, participants are encouraged to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society. By emphasizing personal growth and accountability, this program aims to break the cycle of recidivism.


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La'Shaya Darisaw -
Policy Advocate

LaShaya Darisaw is a Community Organizer, Political Strategist and Organizational Consultant. She holds 5 Collegiate degrees. She is the former Board President of Michigan Liberation , a statewide organization dedicated to transforming the criminal legal system by implementing effective campaigns and the leadership development of directly impacted people. She is also a former board member of the Michael Thompson Clemency project, an organization that strives to alleviate the injustices caused by mass incarceration, racial disparities, and emotional, physical and mental abuse across the criminal justice system by pursuing redemption through advocacy, education, providing reentry resources and seeking legal services for incarcerated individuals in need. Before becoming an organizer, Darisaw worked with various social service agencies for 10 years throughout Genesee County. Afterward, Darisaw’s advocacy has been featured in Politico, MSNBC, TYT, Fox, ABC, the Guardian, and many more news outlets across the world.

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