Our Team

Our Team

Leon El-Alamin - Founder & Executive Director

Leon El-Alamin is a life long resident of the City of Flint, Michigan. He is currently seeking to obtain his bachelor degree in Business Administration at U of M Flint. Since 2010 he has been working within the Flint and Genesee County Metropolitan area as an organizer, mentor, businessman, and stakeholder for the social – economic development and over all well- being of the Flint community. Mr. El-Alamin focus is on at risk-youth and returning citizens who come back into the community from incarceration. As individuals enter the penal system, they were condition to believe that prison time would allow them to pay their debt to society. Upon their return to flint and Genesee county, they are faced with the stark reality that they in fact have not paid their debt to society; society has systematically structured them out. Society has created barriers that negatively impact their ability to pursue higher education; to secure employment; to acquire housing and many other opportunities that are necessary to sustain their lives. Mr. El-Alamin. has a deep desire to breakdown barriers such as Institutional racism and other social – economical inequalities that effect the health and overall development of inner city communities. Some of his affiliation and accomplishment include being the CEO and Founder of M.A.D.E Institute, Community Outreach Coordinator for The Flint Coalition, Author and a Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce Spark Award recipient.

Dexter Johnson - Board of Directors

Dexter Johnson was born in Chicago, IL but has lived in Flint, Michigan most of his life. He attended and graduated from Flint Southwestern Academy. After graduating high school , he went on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan – Flint in 2011. He currently serves as one of the Financial Aid Officers for the University of Michigan – Flint, helping students fund their higher educational cost.

Antonio Riggs - Board of Directors

Antonio Riggs joined the University of Michigan – Flint in January 2014. He serves as the Student Services Coordinator for the School of Management. He previously served as a Career Adviser at Delta College, as well as the Student Judicial Officer, Title IX Committee Member, and My Alert Adviser. With over 10 years experience working in higher education, the majority of his experience is in Student Affairs/ Student Educational Services.

Attorney Tiffany Huges - Board of Directors

Attorney with a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, University of Michigan, Flint Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Experience- Kelly Legal Serviced, Legal Document Reviewer. Jill Creech Bauer Legal Services, Attorney of Counsel. Genesee County Public Defender, Attorney.

Jay Cummings - Board of Directors

United Church of Christ / Woodside Church / Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency. Education: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Science / Theological seminary, Master of Divinity.

Tim Abdul-Matin - Outreach Director

Timothy Abdul-Matin serves as outreach director of M.A.D.E. He is President of a property rehab company Cultivating estates; author of book “Got to get my soul right”; Co-founder of the 3Rs organization and served as the vice president.

Timothy has been actively engaged in community issues effecting returning citizens and youth. He was a strong advocate for “Ban the box” here in the city of Flint.

He has a strong passion for giving back to the community with his mentoring and life stirring. Currently he directs the M.A.D.E jail ministries in the Genesee county jail. He is also a member of the Flint Muslim food pantry and volunteers for the “Feed the hungry program”.

Timothy received Neighborhood leader Award by the Black relationship to land committee in 2014 for his community leadership.

Tauheed Hasan - Board of Directors

Tauheed was born in the City of Flint, Michigan. He works as a Clinical Supervisor and a Clinical Therapist with a non-profit organization. He has worked in the mental health field since 2003. He advocates for the rights and treatments of individuals that suffer from mental illness in his community. He has worked with the Genesee County Mental Health Court as a case manager with the goal to divert mentally ill individuals who have been charged with civil or criminal offense in long term mental health treatment.